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Bodyshop motor
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Our motor trade
insurance for bodyshops
is amongst the
best in the UK.

We'd been with a local broker for years and he'd always told us we were getting a good deal. It was only when garagecover gave us a quote that we realised how much we could save.

Gavin Harney,
Braconash Motors

Bodyshop Insurance from Garage Cover

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If you run a bodyshop, then you'll understand the need for precise attention to detail in order to be cost-effective. Our Motor Trade insurance for Bodyshops is amongst the best in the UK, because we provide specialist insurance to the motor trade industry. We ensure that the insurance you get is tailored to your business, meaning that any unnecessary extras are cut out. This brings your premium down, without compromising on your business cover.

All this and more, with up to 6 years no claims bonus up to 60% - most of our competitors top out around 35%.

Garage Cover - The Motor Trade Insurance Specialists

On average, our quotations are between 10-40% cheaper than our competitors.

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