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Specialist motor trade
insurance brokers ensuring
cost-effective cover.

We'd been with a local broker for years and he'd always told us we were getting a good deal. It was only when Alison from garagecover gave us a quote that we realised how much we could save.

Gavin Harney,
Braconash Motors

Wider cover and a cheaper premium - what more could I ask for! The money is better in my pocket than in the insurance company's account.

R Beer
Victory Garage

Why us

As we are specialists in Motor Trade Insurance we ensure that your insurance cover is cost-effective as well as detailed, so that if you need to claim you don't get any unexpected surprises. Many of our competitors use Motor Trade Insurance as an 'add-on' to all of the other insurance they offer to businesses and consumers. We have been dealing with Motor Trade Insurance for 30 years - could the same be said about your existing Broker?

On average, our quotations are between 10-40% cheaper than our competitors.

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