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I am extremely impressed with the way in which Anthony has guided me safely through the insurance minefield this year. To take the time and effort to visit my premises, and discuss every aspect of cover with me meticulously is a real thumbs up to the way in which WCIB do business. I have already recommended his services to others, and will happily entrust my business in his safe hands for many years to come.

Dean Lomas, 
Braconash Motors

Cover Up!

Never mind bike insurance for your customers, what about your own tradepolicy? Is your business fully covered? You may be paying too much, insuring against too many risks or, worse still, not covering against all the hidden dangers. 

Commercial insurance is one of those things that, like VAT returns and eating sprouts, tends to turn people off. But it’s a necessity in today’s business world, where companies, and sometimes directors themselves, can be held liable if things go badly wrong.
In the UK market, there are many companies that offer ‘motor trader’ policies, which in general tend to cover the premises, against fire and theft risks, offer indemnity against staff and members of the publicinjuring themselves on site, as well as covering named company employees to test drive vehicles, say, after an MoT, or to pick up a part-ex machine. But a generic trader policy, which might be offered to a VW-Audi franchise in the Home Counties and a small MoT and repair shop in a back alley in Barnsley, won’t satisfy either business. The buzzword these days is ‘bespoke’, and there are sound commercial reasons for taking the time to workout exactly what needs to be covered.

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