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4-2-2 Could Damage
Your Business

Proposal to change the
frequency of the MOT test to
every two years

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Gavin Harney,
Braconash Motors

Government proposals to reduce the frequency of MOT tests.

The reduced frequency of the MOT tests could have a disastrous impact on the aftermarket and raise serious concerns regarding road safety and pollution. Is our industry powerless, or do we have a voice that can make us heard?

The current MOT sysem requires cars and light vehicles to be tested on an annual basis from the third anniversary of registration (3-1-1) but the Government proposes to change this to every two years from the fourth anniversary of registration (4-2-2)

What can we do?

There are two key actions to ensure the voice of the automotive aftermarket is heard by the decision-makers:

  • write to your MP
  • join the IAFF (Independent Aftermarket Federation, formerly the ADF) as a full garage member, or as a lobbying supporter.

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