other motor trade insurance

Other motor trade
insurance quote

If you're not in the main
category list then your
motor trade insurance would
fall under the 'other' category.

We'd been with a local broker for years and he'd always told us we were getting a good deal. It was only when  garagecover gave us a quote that we realised how much we could save.

Gavin Harney,
Braconash Motors

I am extremely impressed with the way in which garagecover has guided me safely through the insurance minefield this year. To take the time and effort to visit my premises, and discuss every aspect of cover with me meticulously is a real thumbs up to the way in which WCIB do business. I have already recommended his services to others, and will happily entrust my business in his safe hands for many years to come.

Dean Lomas,
D C Lomas Ltd

Other Motor Trade Insurance quote

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If you are not in the main category list then your Motor Trade Insurance would fall into this list. The reason for this is that your insurance wouldn't be as complex as some of the other areas.

This section covers the following:

  • Car wash insurance
  • Tyre, battery and exhaust fitters insurance
  • Petrol station insurance
  • Vehicle delivery company insurance
  • Valeting insurance
  • Breakers yard insurance
  • Self-drive hire company insurance
  • Windscreen fitters insurance
  • Vehicle recovery insurance

On average, our quotations are between 10-40% cheaper than our competitors.

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