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Motor Insurance Database.

Motor trade policyholders are responsible for ensuring that the Motor Insurance Database (MID) is accurate and up to date.

As a Motor trade policyholder, you are responsible for ensuring that Motor Insurance Database (MID) is accurate and upto date.

*In 2007, the police made an average 3 million checks for vehicles on the MID per month. As a result, 78,000 vehicles were seized – 40% of which were crushed. *Source: Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB)

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If the police then have reason to believe the vehicle or driver may be uninsured, they can impound the vehicle and request adequate proof of insurance to release it. Even if adequate proof of insurance is subsequently provided, an automatic charge of around £120 is made for the release of the vehicle, plus an additional charge for each day that the vehicle has been impounded (up to 14 days – at which point the vehicle is destroyed)

To comply with the 4th EU Motor Directive you are obliged to provide the Motor Insurance Database (MID) with the registration numbers of all vehicles that you own that will be driven, used or parked on a road or public place which are covered by your Motor Trade policy such as:-

  • All permanent vehicles (i.e. vehicles registered to, owned by, or leased to you)
  • Temporary vehicles held for more than 14 days (e.g. borrowed vehicles)
  • Taxed stock vehicles (if held for more than 14 days)
  • Vehicles for which only contingency insurance is held if they are kept for more than 14 days

Important – vehicles must be owned and registered in the name of the policyholder. Unless specified, cover does not apply to vehicles owned by a spouse or an employee. In addition, when you sell or dispose of vehicles, you must remember to update the MID or inform us as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in you being contacted about insurance claims that have nothing to do with you.

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Scope of Vehicles Covered - when vehicles have to be sent to the MID

Description of Vehicle In possession for Should details be sent to the MID?
UK Registered and Taxed 4 days or less
More than 14 days
UK Registered but Tax Exempt 14 days or less
More than 14 days
Unregistered No Limit No
Foreign Registered No limit No
Motor Trade Plate(s) No Limit Yes
UK Registered, but untaxed
vehicle, NOT kept or used in a public place (*)
No limit No

(*) Imminent changes to legislation will make it an offence to own a motor vehicle (regardless of where it is kept) without adequate Motor Insurance unless the vehicle is declared as SORN.