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Motor Trade Policy.

On average, our quotations are between 10-40% cheaper than our competitors.

If you work in the Motor Trade as a Sole Trader or Limited Company either full or part-time, there is a statutory requirement to have a Motor Trade Insurance Policy. As the Motor Trade covers many aspects of working with, repairing or buying and selling vehicles, choosing the right Motor Trade Insurance Policy is vital. Some Brokers will cover you at a low cost, but then miss out certain elements that you will only find about when you suddenly need them.

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It’s essential that you choose a broker who understands the specific needs of the garage motor trade.

Some of the common areas that Brokers may forget when preparing a quote for your Motor Trade Insurance Policy are:

  • The cover of the loan and hire of courtesy cars.
  • Windscreen cover.
  • Accompanied or unaccompanied demonstration cover.
  • Cover for drivers for social, domestic and pleasure driving activities for spouses/family members.
  • Cover for Defective Workmanship and Sales Indemnity.
  • General policy restrictions such as driving restrictions and Warranties.

It is also essential that your Motor Trade Insurance covers areas that may not be picked up, for example a small spray booth for vehicles.

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As we are specialists in Motor Trade Insurance we ensure that your insurance cover is cost-effective as well as detailed, so that if you need to claim you don’t get any unexpected surprises. Many of our competitors use Motor Trade Insurance as an ‘add-on’ to all of the other insurance they offer to businesses and consumers. We have been dealing with Motor Trade Insurance for 30 years – could the same be said about your existing Broker?
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“I am extremely impressed with the way in which garagecover has guided me safely through the insurance minefield this year. To take the time and effort to visit my premises, and discuss every aspect of cover with me meticulously is a real thumbs up to the way in which WCIB do business. I have already recommended his services to others, and will happily entrust my business in his safe hands for many years to come. ”

Dean Lomas – D C Lomas Ltd


Cost-effective Insurance.

Our unrivalled industry experience helps us to offer the cover you need at the very best price.

Fast Quote Turnaround.

We know that time is money. That’s why Garagecover will get your quote to you as fast as possible.

Dedicated Claims Team.

Our friendly and experienced team is on-hand 24/7 to help you through the claims process.

Tailored Policies.

We never sell you cover you don’t need. That way, you don’t waste money on unnecessary extras.


Motor trade policyholders are responsible for ensuring that the Motor Insurance Database (MID) is accurate and up to date.

xThe Motor Insurance Database (MID) is the central record of all insured vehicles throughout the United Kingdom. This database is managed by the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) and is used by the DVLA and Police to enforce motor insurance law. The information within the MID is key to ensuring all the vehicles on our roads are insured and legal to drive. Under current law, it is an offense to be the keeper of a vehicle without insurance unless you have obtained a Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN) from the DVLA. It is the responsibility of motor trade professionals to ensure the MID is up-to-date with all relevant data.

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